InsureShield Shipping Insurance

Insurance to protect in-transit goods, provide peace of mind and enhance your customer experience.

Brokerage services offered in Ontario through UPS Capital Canada Insurance Brokers, Ltd.

Service Alert : Due to recent developments in the Ukraine, insurance protection for shipments to, within and from Ukraine, Ukrainian territorial waters and Russian territorial waters in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov are suspended from coverage. UPS Capital continues to closely monitor the situation and will re-establish service as soon as it is practical to do so.

Protect your company and reputation with InsureShield Shipping Insurance by UPS Capital

Ok, you usually declare value on your shipments. So why is it when you file a claim, you feel like you have to hire a team of investigators to prove the carrier was liable? Declaring value is fine for some shippers but if you want real peace of mind and fewer headaches, choose InsureShield shipping insurance offered through UPS Capital Canada Insurance Brokers, Limited to cover your shipments regardless of carrier or mode. Either way it’s not carrier liability or declared value so you can be confident you’re insured.

A shipping insurance tool tailored for your business needs.


Available only for businesses located in Ontario.

  • Coverage up to the insured value of the goods
  • Worldwide coverage regardless of carrier or mode
  • Coverage for concealed damage, expediting expenses, general average losses and more
  • Policies configurable for perishable and time-sensitive goods
  • Additional coverage available for porch-pirated losses
  • Extended coverage for freight-collect and 3rd party shipments
  • Simplified and streamlined claims process

Knowing the differences between shipping insurance, declared value and carrier liability can take the frustration out of transportation claims.

Shipping Insurance Declared Value/ Carrier Liability
Consistent and reliable protection for all carriers, all modes UPS-Capital-shipping-insurance UPS-Capital-shipping-insurance
Claims settlement based on invoice value of your shipment + freight UPS-Capital-shipping-insurance UPS-Capital-shipping-insurance
No need to prove fault or liability on the part of the carrier UPS-Capital-shipping-insurance UPS-Capital-shipping-insurance
90 days to uncover concealed damage and file a claim UPS-Capital-shipping-insurance UPS-Capital-shipping-insurance
Coverage for additional expenses incurred to expedite a replacement shipment due to loss or damage up to 20% value of the goods UPS-Capital-shipping-insurance UPS-Capital-shipping-insurance