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File your InsureShield® claims directly through our online portal

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Report issues immediately

Quickly reporting claims can help improve recovery of the items.


Retain packaging

Keep the box and packaging if there’s a damage. You’ll need it later if there is an investigation.


Verify the value

Send the invoice and/or estimated cost of repairs and proof of transportation costs with your claim form.


File your claim

Log in anytime to file or track a claim.

Sometimes bad things happen to good cargo. We’re here to help when things go wrong.


Here’s what you can expect from UPS Capital Canada Insurance Brokers, Limited:

  • An easy process to submit your InsureShield claim
  • File your claim directly through our online portal or assign your claim to a Crawford & Company adjuster. To file a claim through Crawford & Company please fill out the claim form here.
  • Claim status notification through Crawford

Need to file a claim?

Have a question about the claims process? View the most frequently asked questions below

Each claim is unique and as a result may require different documents. However, almost all claims require proof of loss and documentation reflecting the value of the loss, such as an invoice or bill of sale. In addition, the following items may also be requested: freight invoice, packing list, replacement invoice, repair estimate, photos of the goods and packaging and, if lost, a police report or statement of non-receipt by the receiver. If you have questions about what specific documents are needed to support your claim, please contact Crawford & Company (“Crawford”) at or 905- 247-3134. Crawford is the adjuster for InsureShield™ shipping insurance claims.

If the shipment was transported by a carrier other than UPS, you must notify the carrier immediately. See our sample carrier notification template.

Call our customer support center at 1-888-888-1854.

In the event that you experience a loss or damage, it is best to file a claim as soon as possible. This will provide the adjuster time to identify any needed steps or documentation so you can be paid in a timely fashion.

You should retain the original carton, its contents and all packaging materials until the claim is finalized and the adjuster provides instructions.

Pictures of the carton’s exterior reflecting the damage, photos of the interior packaging materials, images of the damaged item as well as a photo of the tracking label/ bill of lading on the box are required. If the damage is not readily apparent, please identify on the photo where the damage occurred.

Your claim status can be viewed by logging into the claims center and entering your tracking number/BOL or your claim number under the check status screen.

We try to review and process all covered claims within a window of 5 business days following initial receipt of your claim and associated paperwork. If you have received written notice that your claim has been processed, but have not received payment after 14 days, contact us via phone at 1-888-888-1854.

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