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InsureShield® for UPS® Packages

Flexible Parcel Insurance to cover small shipments

This flexible parcel insurance offers a real parcel insurance plan to protect your reputation and bottom line.

OK, you usually declare value on your small package shipments. So why is it when you file a claim, you feel like you have to hire a team of investigators to prove the carrier was liable? If you’re weary of being “denied,” we can help. It’s called InsureShield for UPS® Packages. It's real package insurance protection for what you ship, including high-value, fragile, time-sensitive or perishable goods. We can design a shipping insurance policy for your UPS shipments only, or a policy to cover all your small packages if you use multiple carriers. Either way, it’s not carrier liability or declared value. So you can be sure you’re insured.

Small package shipment policies built for what, where and how you ship.

  • Select coverage at the time of shipping with no upfront costs or deposits
  • Reimbursement up to the full invoice price of your sold goods
  • Insurance selection integrated with standard shipping systems, minimizing effort
  • Fast, hassle-free claims resolution
  • Cover domestic inbound, outbound, freight collect, third-party shipments and international outbound shipments
  • Dedicated customer service, and supply chain insurance experts that can help you avoid claims before they occur

Is your
company at risk?


What are the alternatives to
shipping insurance?

  • Declared value/Carrier liability
    Expensive. Not real insurance. Not customizable. To win a claim, you must prove the carrier is liable.
  • 3rd-party provider
    An additional party. Requires separate billing and claims processes. At least it’s insurance.
  • Self-insurance
    The funds you set aside could be working harder in your business. Paying for just one lost or damaged shipment can be expensive, especially if you have package concentration risk. And did you really set that money aside?
  • Business insurance policy
    Did you ask your agent? Or, are you assuming it covers goods in transit — if it does, it likely comes with a high deductible. And one claim could skyrocket your rates.

Choose the small package insurance
option that’s right for you.

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Basic insurance for your small package shipments

With InsureShield® for UPS Packages, you select insurance at the time of shipping with no upfront costs. Insurance selection is integrated with standard shipping systems and charges are incorporated in your UPS statement.

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Expanded insurance for consequential losses

Broader coverage protects against consequential losses as a result of lost or damaged shipments. It also covers items excluded from a carrier’s standard tariff, including items with face value, like gift cards, tickets, lost interest, etc.

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Insurance for perishable

The perfect option for covering perishable or time-sensitive goods like specialty foods, seafood, flowers and pharmaceuticals. Protects you against loss or damage,
including those resulting from delays in transit.

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Looking for shipping insurance to cover multiple carriers or modes, or just unsure of the type of coverage you need? Find the best option for your business with this short quiz.

Cover Page of expensive Bathroom fitting on declared value claim

I just assumed that declared value was insurance. But when it came to claims, we were lucky if we could recoup 30% of our losses. We were fighting a losing battle.

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Ocean Cargo Ship on fire with containers on board

90% of shippers routinely use carrier liability/declared value. Virtually none of them understand how it works.

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Cover page of Pacific East aquaculture case study

When you ship live animals across the country, you put a lot of faith in your shipper.

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1. Multi-Carrier only offers Basic and Expanded not Time-in-Transit coverage. Multi-Carrier coverage currently only available for shippers utilizing V-Technologies StarShip software. Not available for FedEx SmartPost® Service.
2. Multi-Carrier charges appear on a separate UPS Capital bill.

Insurance coverage is underwritten by an authorized insurance company and issued through licensed insurance producers, including UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. (“UPSCIA”) – a wholly owned subsidiary of UPS Capital Corporation (“UPS Capital”). The insurance company, UPSCIA and its licensed affiliates reserve the right to change or cancel the program at any time. Insurance coverage is governed by the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions set forth in the applicable insurance policy. Coverage not available in all jurisdictions. See full disclosure here.

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