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Parcel Pro® High Value Goods

White-glove insured transportation for your most precious shipments

Protect your shipments with Parcel Pro

Give your high-value shipments end-to-end protection.

You’re shipping a two-carat, E-color, internally-flawless cushion-cut diamond. It has to arrive by Wednesday in time to be set for a wedding on Saturday. There’s a lot riding on this shipment. Not only the value of the diamond, but your reputation.

With Parcel Pro, a UPS Capital® Company, you can rest easy knowing that your goods are moving securely—and timely—across town or across the world. Proprietary risk mitigation tools and processes reduce the risk of loss and theft, while a variety of tools—from desktop shipping to APIs—streamline shipment processing.

Insurance coverage is assessed at the time of shipping, providing flexibility and breadth of value up to $200,000 for shipments within the U.S, and up to $100,000 to and from select countries and territories. And the cost of insurance is combined with the transportation cost, making charges easy to understand and manage.

Whether you are a retailer, a wholesaler, a manufacturer or collector, Parcel Pro can help you navigate the challenges and risks of shipping luxury goods. From secure pickup and delivery to world-class customer service in the event of a delay or loss, Parcel Pro experts can help. Parcel Pro gives you the peace of mind that your high-value shipments are protected by best-in-class risk mitigation practices and insured against loss.

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