Trade Credit Protection Services

Grow confidently knowing you’ll get paid, even if your customer doesn’t pay you.

Quickly turn a closed deal into actual cash flow.

Getting paid comes down to more than a timely invoice. Yes, your goods are technically sold, but if your buyers pay slowly or not at all, getting real cash through the door can be difficult if your buyer is located all the way in another country or territory.

That’s where our trade credit protection services come in. We have a full suite of options designed to quickly convert your invoices to cash, reduce collection costs and assure responsibility of collections from your buyers.

Build a customized solution for your business with the following options:

Trade Credit Insurance—Even though offering credit terms can be financially rewarding, it can be a risky business. If a customer is forced to close up shop or there’s a political event that puts your assets at risk, it can cripple your profits if you’re not prepared. By using trade credit insurance to protect your receivables against insolvency, bankruptcy or protracted default, you can accept larger domestic and export orders knowing you’re guaranteed payment.

Trade credit insurance is a multi-purpose business tool that does more than just protect a company from a bad-debt loss. Protected receivables are viewed by lending institutions as safer collateral, so you may be able to get a larger loan at better rates. Plus, it gives you the business intelligence you need to:

  • Make better customer credit decisions
  • Build long-lasting relationships by offering open account terms
  • Increase customer sales by offering more credit to your customers
  • Qualify potential customers’ credit before tradeshows without the additional risk

Collections Services—Collecting unpaid invoices can be a delicate balancing act. We know the importance of maintaining a good customer relationship for future sales, but know you also need to get paid for what you sell. That’s why we offer domestic and international debt collection services with the ability to collect in different languages and under local laws.

Not only do we handle the collections letters, phone calls, and legal action if needed, we offer timely financial information to help recover funds quickly. Have customers who repeatedly send in late payments? We offer additional support like the ability to easily view your collection status online, eliminating the need to maintain a large receivable management staff.

Credit Intelligence—Not all customers are good for business. We’ll help you spot the good customers and avoid the bad ones by instantly evaluating the creditworthiness of potential buyers. With around-the-clock access to global database reports, fresh investigations and credit rating by professional underwriters, we provide key credit information enabling you to make faster and more informed credit decisions.

Need to stay on top of your customers’ credit risk? For an additional fee, we can provide an online monitoring service that alerts you of any credit situation changes, so you can avoid default with new buyers.

Credit Put Options—Worried about selling to customers with liquidity issues? With Credit Put Options, we pay 100% of the insolvency loss without deductibles or co-insurance, so you can maintain your current relationships, while protecting your business against customer bankruptcy.

How it works: Non-cancellable protection is available for public and larger private companies for a term of 6 months up to 3 years with a flexible amount from $500,000 to $100,000,000. This alternative risk management solution is offered in partnership with reputable financial institutions where your client pays a fixed fee for a fixed amount for a fixed term. In the event of bankruptcy, your client sells their eligible receivables back to the bank. Or, if your client remains in good standing, the contract simply expires.

Flexible coverage for small businesses.

Do you run a small business? We can help. Through our partnership with Euler Hermes, companies like yours have access to a trade credit insurance solution designed for small businesses. This program offers:

  • Affordable premiums with pricing based on annual sales revenue
  • Coverage of the majority of your receivables with no credit check or enhanced coverage of up to 90% upon credit approval
  • A streamlined ordering process


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