An Up-to-Date Twist on Supply Chain Risk: The Survey Says…

Documenting risk-management processes and preparing for facility or supplier losses

Second in a five-part series

J. Paul Dittmann, Ph.D. | University of Tennessee

Given the popularity of supply chain risk as a topic at conferences, one could reasonably ask, “Is there anything new to say on the topic?” I think so. Fortunately, the thinking on this subject has become increasingly sophisticated, driven by the continuing complexities of the global environment.

In my last post, I introduced some of the key findings from the University of Tennessee research report, Managing Risk in the Global Supply Chain, which is the result of surveying more than 150 supply chain executives across multiple industries.

In this post, I’ll use this research to give an up-to-date “state of risk” and dive into the first part of the risk management process: Identifying supply chain risks. I’ll look at some of the current risk management practices being implemented, which will hopefully spark thoughts on your own processes and where you may be exposed.

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