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Beat the Claims Game with Time-saving Tips

Stay Ahead of Claims

Every moment counts in business, especially when customer expectations and costs are high. Whether you’re the business owner, manager or a staffer who wears multiple hats, you’re likely filing numerous claims, tracking them and hoping for a quick resolution. Do you really have time to waste on tedious phone calls, ambiguous paperwork, and long waits?

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Our time-saving practices tailored for the busy claims representative can help you keep claims moving smoothly.

Think about how you spend your day. Are you repeatedly calling the carrier or the insurance company to ask, “Did you receive my claim?” “Do you need anything?” “How soon will the claim be paid? This “not-knowing” is frustrating, and the waiting means more time is passing without your company being compensated for shipping losses. It’s the absolute wrong way to go about claims.

With UPS Capital Online, customers enjoy a streamlined claims filing process that reduces delays, gives you greater visibility and results in faster payments.

About 99% of claims filed through UPS Capital are paid, and most are resolved in just a few days, said George Karl, Senior Manager in the UPS Capital Customer Relations Group.

“Customers have been extremely happy with the service we’re offering, because we take their feedback seriously and take action on it,” Karl said. “The UPS Capital Online platform helps you save time so you can get the job done faster and more efficiently.”

Although some claims could take longer depending on the case details, try these recommendations to get through the claims process faster.

Prepare before you file

You put in a lot of time to ensure your business continuity. The better prepared you are, the faster your claims will be resolved.

“One thing we deal with is IDRs– incomplete documents received,” said Dominque Dawson, who manages claims adjustors at UPS Capital. “We prefer to receive all the documents up front because if we IDR the claim it causes delays and multiple follow ups. If a claim takes a while to be paid, it’s generally because a customer doesn’t send necessary documents.”

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As a best practice, keep your shipping records where you can locate them quickly. Each claim is unique and as a result, may require different documents. However, almost all claims require documentation reflecting proof of loss, such as an invoice or bill of sale.

When a loss occurs:

  1. Notify the insurer of the loss or damage first.
  2. File the claim with supported documentation, such as freight invoice, packing list, replacement invoice, repair estimate and photos of the goods and packaging.
  3. Prioritize by filing claims that have the biggest business impact before others.

You also should notify the carrier of the loss or damage. Note that with UPS shipments, the carrier will be automatically notified when you file a claim electronically bearing a “1Z” tracking number through UPS Capital Online, saving you additional time.

Don’t worry about missing something when using UPS Capital Online because your dashboard will provide constant status updates and visibility if an item is missing. Your UPS Capital adjustor can also help.

For the most optimal experience.

  1. Always take a picture of damage as soon as you become aware of it.
  2. Know what type of photos to send in. Adjustors want to see a 360-degree angle of the box and damaged goods.
  3. Build a relationship with your adjustor. They are a valuable resource throughout the process.

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Take timely action

Don’t procrastinate when you experience a loss or damage. The claims process can start as soon as you submit the information.

File with UPS Capital Online for faster investigations. All UPS Capital claims investigations can be handled in-house by security experts using sophisticated technology that can help trace and sometimes recover lost packages. Even if you’re shipping with UPS, filing claims first directly with UPS Capital shaves up to 10 days off the typical UPS carrier investigation for damaged goods.

“Customers using UPS Capital Online don’t have to go through the UPS investigation process,” Dawson said. “We do all the investigations on our end. This saves a tremendous amount of time.”

End time wasters

Identify time wasters that hinder you from filing claims. For example, are you spending hours or days completing a manual claim form because you have to track down information? This is a time waster. UPS Capital Online is a paperless system that stores your policy details after you register, saving you additional time.

It takes less than 10 minutes to initiate a shipping claim on UPS Capital Online. Afterwards, the filer has more visibility to what’s happening with the claim. Customers simply:

1. Log in and enter shipment details, such as the carrier and the tracking number
2. Tell us what happened
3. Confirm the contact information
4. Upload documentation
5. And submit. That’s it. You’re done.

The claim is received and acknowledged instantly, and an adjuster is assigned with contact information emailed to you.

Another time wasters that is rectified through electronic filing is the ability to input payee data for payment once the claim is resolved. Mailing out checks will take longer and is subject to additional risks, but e-payments empowered by JP Morgan Chase is secure and fast.

Be careful not to relax just because UPS Capital allows up to 90 days from the date of the loss to file claims. It is still prudent to report the clam as soon as possible while what happened is easy to recall. The 90 days helps when shipping damage is concealed and not discovered for several weeks after delivery.

These time-saving tips will help lead the way for a brighter and more rewarding claims experience. For additional information on UPS Capital claims see our frequently asked questions.

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