Get paid faster and more securely with UPS Capital

Collect-on-Delivery (C.O.D.) options, merchant services and credit insurance can improve your cash flow while reducing risk of nonpayment

When every penny counts, your business can’t afford to wait around for payments. Or even worse, worry about whether or not a customer will even pay their invoice. That’s why UPS Capital offers services that keep your cash flowing, while reducing your risk against default payments and even fraud.

Get C.O.D. funds faster

C.O.D. Payment Options from UPS Capital help you receive C.O.D. funds faster and minimize the risk of uncollected payments. With a typical C.O.D. service, payment is collected upon delivery of a package, processed by the carrier and then sent to you. “It might take 10 days before you receive that check, and then you have to process it and get it to your bank,” says Kranti Sharma, a senior marketing manager at UPS Capital. “By then, a couple of weeks might have gone by before you get your money.”

But with C.O.D. Automatic®, funds are transferred to your bank account within two to three business days of package delivery. There’s no long wait for payment, and because there are no checks to cash, you save on processing fees and trips to the bank. For a slightly lower fee, use C.O.D. Direct® to receive funds within approximately six days of package delivery.

C.O.D. Secure® provides the same cash-flow benefits as C.O.D. Automatic, with even more security. UPS Capital guarantees payment up to a certain limit. So, if a check bounces, you’ll still get your payment.

And when you add C.O.D. Delayed Deposit to C.O.D Automatic or C.O.D. Direct you can honor a customer’s request to defer check deposits.

Secure and reliable merchant services

Customers today demand convenient ways to pay, and they expect to use a growing variety of traditional and mobile payment options. Being able to accept payment by check, e-check, credit card, debit card, recurring billing, gift card or loyalty program is critical to reaching and serving the broadest market possible.

UPS Capital Merchant Services offers integrated, flexible payment processing so you can settle transactions, quickly securely and efficiently, with reliable electronic transfers of funds directly into your designated bank account. You get:

  • Capability to receive funding within 24 hours
  • Competitive pricing
  • Virtual terminal technology and smartphone support
  • All major credit and debit cards included
  • Secure collection, delivery and encryption of customer data via tokenization during transmission 

Trade Credit Insurance helps protect profitability

Nonpayment and slow payment of invoices can tie up — or drain — your cash reserves. But by safeguarding your bottom line against these risks, you can confidently grow your business, domestically and internationally.

With Trade Credit Protection Services offered through UPS Capital Insurance Agency, you can enter new markets, take on new customers, accept larger orders and reduce your bad-credit cash reserves while managing your credit risk and protecting your profitability.

Choose a policy that fits your business. Opt for domestic or global protection, coverage of your biggest buyers or coverage for your entire receivables portfolio.

When it comes to fast and secure C.O.D. payments, processing payments and protecting your receivables, UPS Capital has your back. With a portfolio of solutions that keep your cash flowing and your business growing, even in the event of nonpayment.

“UPS Capital solutions will cover your risks while you focus on what’s important — growth.”  Sharma says.

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