Top 4 eCommerce trends to watch out for in 2021

Part 1 in the InsureShield eCommerce CX series

2020 may have been the year for ecommerce growth, but 2021 is the year ecommerce evolves. According to Forbes, eCommerce sales grew by over 30% last year with businesses accelerating their digital transformation. As we move into our post-COVID reality, you will see emerging trends that put the consumer front and center. Follow these trends to ensure your company stays top of mind for the next purchase.

      1. The rise of marketplaces & self-service platforms

      COVID-19 spurred growth within eCommerce marketplaces.

      • Shopify reported 96% revenue growth in Q3 2020.
      • One million merchants in 175 countries generated over $5 billion in Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales on Shopify’s platform

      Shoppers realize the ease of shopping in a digital marketplace. Instagram Checkout made waves towards the end of 2020. The ‘Shop’ tab now makes it more convenient for customers to buy from their favorite brands without leaving the platform. Similar shopping options will appear in many more apps throughout 2021.

      According to Chris Byrne, CEO of Sensorproi , “Small businesses have digitally pivoted their business. The trend for 2021 will favor platforms that deploy and sell quickly online.”

      2. Augmented reality will enhance online shopping

      Both B2B and B2C customers are looking for personalized shopping experiences. Recently, 35% of people said that they would be shopping online more if they could virtually try on a product. Sephora®, the French beauty company, already offers potential buyers the opportunity to virtually test various make-up products on their own faces.

      The Sephora Virtual Artist allows customers to try different lipsticks, eye shadows or foundations without having to invest their money or even leave their home. Customers love this personalized experience as it visually convinces consumers of the quality of the product while retailers can enjoy faster purchasing decisions and decreasing returns.

      3. Increase trust through optimized delivery strategies

      Unreliable delivery over the past year has created a crisis of confidence amongst online consumers. According to a UPS Capital survey of 896 SMBs in March of 2021, 63% of the merchants noted an increase in incidents involving lost or damaged packages over the past year, with nearly half (48%) spotlighting issues with theft after delivery, also known as “porch piracy.” While these same shippers note the biggest impact is lost time managing claims, they also experience financial loss, cancelled orders and negative reviews.

      Digital solutions like InsureShield™ can mitigate negative customer experiences by resolving shipping issues quickly. This service offers quick claim reimbursements, expedited reshipments and coverage for loss or porch piracy to minimize disruption and allow businesses to confidently provide a positive post-purchase experience.

      4. Enhanced communication in the wake of delays

      A positive post-purchase experience in the wake of an issue can cement long term retailer loyalty. Clear communication around delivery expectations can go a long way toward earning trust and converting more sales.

      It’s no secret shipping delays plagued many retailers last year, as more than 80% of companies said their supply chains were negatively impacted. While many consumers had empathy for these businesses during the COVID crisis, many cited a lack of communication from retailers. Moving forward, retailers will look to enhance status updates, and if things go wrong proactively communicate the issue and what they’re doing every step of the way.

Final thoughts:

At the end of the day, customers demand a positive buying experience. While things happen in-transit that may seem out of your control, one thing isn’t – shipping insurance. The ability to take care of your customers is key to business success. And when you have insurance, providing a great experience becomes easier and leaves both you and your customers smiling.

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