The importance of understanding what is — and isn’t — insurance

(Hint: what you don’t know could hurt you.)

Commerce today involves an increasingly complicated supply chain ecosystem. Companies rely on suppliers and buyers across the globe, most of whom they’ve never met. They use multiple carriers and modes of transportation, across international borders, with different languages, currencies and laws. Global networks and tight time constraints can amplify the impact from unpredictable events, like theft, damage, weather and natural disasters. This ever-changing landscape means that companies must be more diligent than ever when it comes to managing their supply chain — and their risk.

To better understand these issues, UPS Capital® commissioned Harris Poll to conduct research into the attitudes and behaviors of U.S. business professionals responsible for their company’s shipments. The objectives were to better understand how shippers viewed and managed risk and their comprehension, and usage of, available risk mitigation tools. The results were a bit unexpected.

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