These everyday disruptions could put your supply chain at risk

Tsunamis. Earthquakes. Political upheaval. When you're overseeing operations for a global business with customers thousands of miles away, you may stay up nights thinking about the major unpredictable disasters events that could put your supply chain at risk.

But the truth is, an everyday event like a power outage is far more likely to cause disruption of your global supply chain — and such disruptions happen more often than you think. According to study by PwC and the Business Continuity Institute, 75% of companies experience at least one major supply chain disruption a year. If you don’t have contingency plans in place for even seemingly mundane events, the business consequences could be enormous.

Here are some minor events that could put a global supply chain at major risk.

Power outages

Today, there is more reliance than ever on digital systems to facilitate real-time, accurate data that’s a critical component to inventory management. As supply chains become more complex and borderless, technologies that include GPS tracking and wireless sensor networks help deliver information that’s essential to important business decision-making.

When a power outage disrupts access to your digital information supply chain, chaos can ensue — especially if there isn’t a backup system in place. Companies, and their supply chain partners, can use cloud-based technology to ensure data is protected. For example…

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