UPS Proactive Response® Secure

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What geographies are covered?

    • Intra-U.S. and Puerto Rico
    • U.S. to Europe: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  • What service levels are covered?

    • Domestic U.S. and Puerto Rico: UPS Next Day Air®, UPS Next Day Air® Early A.M.®, UPS Next Day Air Saver®
    • International: UPS Worldwide Express Plus®, UPS Worldwide Express®, UPS Worldwide Express NA1®


  • Are delays due to weather covered?

    • Yes, weather delays are covered.
  • Are delays due to customs holds covered?

    • No, delays due to Customs holds are not covered. However, the Proactive Response team will continue to stay engaged with the shipper and / or consignee in case of delays and work with the UPS® brokerage team, as necessary.
  • Are expediting expenses and / or re-ship expenses covered?

    • Yes, both are covered. However, there can only be one expense per package. In most cases, the Proactive Response team will be able to recover an at-risk package and expedite via UPS Express Critical®. In some cases, if the Proactive Response team cannot recover the package, the shipper can elect to re-ship a new package.
  • Will this service cover both the loss and the expediting fee?

    • If a package is expedited by the Proactive Response team and still does not arrive on time or is lost or damaged, both the expediting fee and loss of goods or consequential losses will be covered.


  • Do I need to file a claim for expediting expenses?

    • No, expediting expenses are covered and the claim is handled automatically. You do not need to file a claim. However, if a replacement package is shipped, a claim must be filed.